United States
February 2024
energyRe is a developer of large-scale clean energy solutions encompassing both generation and transmission assets, with industry-leading capabilities in financial packaging, engineering, construction management and regulatory affairs.

Dual headquartered in Houston and New York, energyRe has established a large and maturing multiple GW pipeline of clean energy ranging from onshore and offshore wind and solar PV to distributed generation and private transmission. energyRe’s unique focus on transmission-led generation innovatively combines High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission with emissions-free energy sources to decarbonize US cities and deliver clean power directly to the nation’s largest energy load centres. An example is the Clean Path New York project bringing more than 7.5 million MWh of clean power annually to New York City. energyRe is an affiliate of Related Companies, one of the most prominent real estate companies in the United States.
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