We invest in companies that build, service or integrate the energy infrastructure of the future
investment focus

Investing across the renewable energy value chain with three core investment areas

Growth Platforms
Companies directly engaged in the development of renewable energy infrastructure assets such as offshore/onshore wind, solar, P2X, energy storage, and other related sectors.
Supply Chain
Companies supplying components or services to the renewable energy industry with an opportunity to capture growth and internationalisation.
Energy Integration
Companies focused on deploying solutions that promote the low carbon transition e.g. through storage, energy efficiency, grid optimization and EV networks.
Geographic focus

Europe and North America are our key markets

We focus on investment opportunities in OECD Europe and North America due to the combination of fundamentally attractive energy transition environments and the team’s extensive track record.

Investment criteria

What we are looking for

We target investments of €100-200m
We target companies within ticket sizes of €100-200 million including potential add-on investments and with ample flexibility across verticals.
We invest in majority and minority stakes
We have the flexibility to pursue both controlling majority investments and minority stakes.
We focus on growth and raw value creation
We invest in growing companies and are not relying on high leverage models – instead, we focus on enabling sustainable earnings growth.
We seek long-term sustainable impact
We target companies that already have an attractive ESG profile or where we can see a clear path to achieve this during the period of our investment.
value creation

We have an active ownership approach

We target companies where we can deliver complementary skills, network and global insights and where we see a clear and solid route for value-creation through our industry-focused value-add framework. While our value-add approach varies across our investment areas and is highly dependent on the specific situation faced by the portfolio companies, Glentra will only invest if we can see a clear way for us to add value during our ownership period.

For access to Glentra's Section 62(1) Investor Disclosure Document, investors or potential investors should refer to Glentra's virtual data room or contact notices@glentra.com.

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